A team in 3 players put 50 cards in front of them. The players put them 3 rows and toward them. So cards of opponent site are the other way around.

The win and loss determines no card in the own site. Player can take a card of course in the both site of own and opponent.

As soon as the reader began to read a card, touch the card directly. When the card is in own side, comes to the win cause a card decreases from the own site.

On the other hand, when to get a card in the opponent site, by sending a card freely to the opponent site, goes to decreasing cards in the own site.

As decreasing cards doing like this, finally a team wins when to be no card in the own site.

Touching any card in the site of not being the Match card becomes Misstouch, and so, one card will be sending by the opponent site.

There are many kinds of Misstouch,even though let's enjoy the game itself with everyone.